Kidspace, Inc. is a very small local company which specializes in the creation of indoor and outdoor custom play and learning structures for children.

Kidspace, Inc. has worked with educators to create over 55 custom play environments in the last nine years. The design of each project considers not only typical events for motor skill development, but also creates spaces and structures appropriate for group activities such as dramatic play, reading and role playing. Each play structure becomes an extension of the classroom and the natural environment of the site.

Kidspace can design a play space solution which fits your educational philosophy, your budget and your site. During the design, concept and construction of your structure, you can expect responsive, personal service from owner/designer Tom Bush.

All structures are ADA accessible and meet current Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our web site and we would welcome your questions or feedback. Please contact Kidspace by e-mail or telephone: (860) 693-0092.

Our web site is still being developed. Please check in again for updated information, Kidspace news, and useful playground safety checklists.

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