Kidspace Projects

Kidspace, Inc. has worked with many clients with unique sites, ideas and project requirements.

Because none of our play structures are mass produced, we work closely with our customers
to create successful educational and play “events” which can be modified to fit specialized needs or designed to expand as needs change and budgets allow.

All structures are ADA accessible and meet current Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines.

We would be pleased to arrange a visit to your site or come to our design studio for a first-hand look at our many designs and models.

At right are several examples of custom play structures:

• A pirate ship at New Hartford Elementary school, CT.

• A free-form structure built to accomodate a sloping site and incorporating an ADA accessible ramp. Built for The Education Connection (Head Start program) in Litchfield, CT.

• This playscape is built within a pine grove using the trees as design elements at Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown, CT.

• This 30-foot locomotive and coal car was custom designed for the Mansfield Discovery Depot.

• A double telephone system is one feature of this castle-themed play and learning park. It includes a large boulder-filled sand play area, swings, trike paths and gardens. Built for Torrington Child Care.

• A dock and fishing shanty with a bench, bridge and sprinkler system are designed to take advantage of a real fishing boat in dry-dock.

We welcome your questions or feedback. Please contact Kidspace by e-mail or telephone: (860) 693-0092.

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